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Superior Mono Line

The easy-to-handle, all-around performer With so many options on the market, choosing the best fishing line can seem a bit overwhelming.
But it’s actually a simple matter of finding a line with performance characteristics that fit your style of fishing.

Crankbaits For Bass

Crankbaits are among the favorite baits of professional tournament fishermen because they act as "bird dogs" in their search for bass. One of the greatest advantages of using crankbaits for bass (especially the deep-diving type) is the vast amount of water you can cover, especially when bass are using a depth of 10 to 20 feet. Crankbaits have a built-in action designed to function when the fisherman merely retrieves the lure steadily, or "cranks" it in.
They have protruding "lips" that cause them to dive beneath the surface when retrieved.

Carbon Fiber Fishing Rods

A carbon fiber rod is not necessarily better than a glass fiber rod; the two fibers have different properties, with their own trade offs. Carbon fiber is less flexible (stiffer) than glass fiber and more brittle and prone to breakage when misused, while carbon fiber allows for longer and faster rods.
Carbon fiber also allows for a smaller diameter rod that is more sensitive than a glass fiber rod. A carbon fiber rod is also much lighter than a glass fiber rod allowing for longer days of fishing.